Monday, February 6, 2012

Mrs. Santiago has been busy...

Here is how Mrs. Santiago has been using technology in her classroom. Way to go~
  • Students are using Word to publish their stories helping to insure that they are meeting their writing TEKS.
  • Students are using to learn more about rocks, soil, landforms and minerals. This learning tool has increased understanding to a new level.
  • Students are using Bookflix to listen to fiction and nonfiction books increasing their reading comprehension.
  • Students are using Tumblebooks to listen to various literature exposing them to new reading materials that may peak their interests. This also meets our TEKS by exposing them to various literature.
  • Students use the document camera to show their work to the rest of the class insuring that they know the materials that they have been taught.
  • Students use the listening stations to listen to various literature. This insures that we are meeting the needs of various learning styles of our diverse learning population.
  • Students are accessing Kidspiration to make various webs and create stories of their own increasing their understanding of the writing process.
  • Students watch various clips and videos about math, inventors, famous Americans, science, etc. on KLRU. This digital tool has helped to solidify the understanding of the concepts being taught.

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