Thursday, December 6, 2012

TAG and Technology

All TAG Math and Independent Study Classes  3-5 are actively using Edmodo. Students are synergizing on homework outside of class through discussion threads, using the "Backpack" to store all of their work, being assigned and submitting assignments via Edmodo, developing online polls, and expanding their social network to include all TAG students 3-5.

TAG 1st Grade
1st Grade TAG students have been working on the RRISD Research Resources to learn about how to conduct research. They have participate in online scavenger hunts and spent a great deal of time on Pebble Go and Worldbook Kids researching a variety of animals. Students have also utilized KidSpiration to turn their research notes into a concept map. They have learned how to save a file into their network folders and to open that same file to continue their work.

TAG 2nd Grade
Second Grade TAG students have been using Edmodo as a base of operations for everything we do in class. They use the group folder to access all research information, respond to posts about the topic of the day, and synergize on classroom assignments. 

Currently, 2nd graders are working to Blabberize their Living Museum person. They had to find an online image of the person that they studied, save the image to their network folder, upload the image to, set their "Blabber" so their photo could talk, and record their speech online.

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