Friday, May 10, 2013

Miss Allen's First Grade class is exploring Power Point for the first time today. The students have been instructed on how to make a five page story on Power Point. They are creating a title page, a beginning, middle and end. Today they learned some important basic technology skills such as capitalizing and punctuating. This helped the students that are reluctant writers to be more enthusiastic about writing stories.

Some of the students learned important technology skills today as they wrote their stories, here are some of the comments that they said:

Isabella- I didn't know you could write a cool story and make new pages. I got better at typing today.
Evan- I didn't know you could right click on a misspelled word and find the correct spelling.
Alyssa-  I learned that when you write the time, you have to push shift to get the colon symbol.
Dendrid- I learned how to spell ocean, by right clicking over the word and seeing my choices.
Ella-I learned how to save my power point onto my school account.
Kaiana- I learned how to take a bullet off when I didn't want it on my page and I learned that you have to push tab to indent.
Serenity and Avery- I learned to push new slide to get a new page.

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