Friday, November 22, 2013

First Grade - Creating Problems Using Kidspiration

Mrs. Maggart's First Grade Class has been creating  math word problems and writing addition and subtraction number sentences. It is how they are creating word problems that makes this special. 

Mrs. Maggart will give the students an answer to the problem, and their job is to CREATE THE PROBLEM that will fit that answer. Using a software called Kidspiration, students are able to use the math tools in the program to create their problems.  Students are able to select the pictures or symbols from the vast library of graphics from the program and lay them out in a "story problem" format. 

Kidspiration has a vast assortment of math tools for them to use, where students can explore properties of number and operations, and develop computation strategies, such as they demonstrated here.

In fact, they could create limitless problems to have one another solve.  Here, students are also demonstrating the habit, "begin with the end in mind" - where they have the answer(result), but need to supply how we go about getting there.

Great job, First Graders! That's some great THINKING!

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