Monday, November 11, 2013

Grade 2 Biography Research

Links for Biographies using Stichit
Stichit Link

Students in Grade 2 are beginning research on famous Americans. In order to get started, the librarian, Mrs. Uselman and the ITS, Mrs. Oliver, had the students log in to their Google Accounts for the first time. Students in Grade 2 have the Google Apps For Education accounts, allowing them to use Google apps, such as Google Drive for their presentations. This will enable them to work at home or school if they save to their Google Drive.

Mrs. Uselman used the site "Stichit" to supply them with three resources they could use for their reports.
Stichit is a website that provides one site for all the resources, keeping students focused on specific sites. That will help save time from the students to aimlessly searching for resources, and allows them to have only the sources that the teacher/librarian wants them to use.

Sources included Pebble Go, Kids InfoBits, and Britannica. If you click on the Stichit Link, you can follow how the sources are all linked together.

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