Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gathering Information and Reporting Findings! Grade 2 Research Projects!

Students in Grade 2 researched various animals. This was a collaborative project, done in conjunction with the librarian, Ami Uselman. Students reported to the library for an introduction to research and research tools. They used the various resources, including both print and online resources. 

Conducting research using Pebble Go 

Students researched unanswered questions, such as animal habitats, adaptations, and other characteristics. After taking notes on their animals, noting various facts to put into their research project. 

After completing the research, the students  compiled their findings into a PowerPoint or Google Presentation. Using a template provided for them, each student created their presentations, enriched with clip art or video. When they finished the written research, they enhanced their projects with backgrounds and transitions. 

Synergizing to create presentation

Databases used were the Teravista Research Resource Subscription databases, World Book Online (Kids), Britannica, and  Capstone's Pebble Go 

When the students finish their projects, look for them to be posted on another blog! I can't wait!

Following instructions on how to create the Presentation
Students plan to share their projects in the classroom, presenting their animal and its facts.

Just think how much they will learn from each other!

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