Thursday, September 25, 2014

Go!Temp! Temperature Rising!

While investigating conductors and insulators, accurate temperature measurement is important. The students in 5th grade Science are using the digital themometers, Go! Temp, to record their findings.

The Go!Temp sensor plugs into a computer and the Go!Temp allows students to observe ow temperature is effected by various insulators. The Vernier Go Temp digital thermometer plugs into a laptop, and the temperature display is plotted on a graph.

Students are able to accurately read and record temperatures of various object and are able to see changes in temperature, as it is displayed on a data sheet.

Cyber Safety and Internet Safety

All students in RRISD are being taught internet safety and cyberbullying. In accordance with  HB 3171, Section 38.023, the Texas Education Agency has developed and made available to school districts a list of resources related to Internet Safety. 

Please check out the website of valuable resources of internet safety.
Click here for more information for students, educators, and parents

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Second Grade Gets Going with Google!

After a presentation and discussion on Acceptable Use for Technology, students in Grade 2 logged into the computer for the first time this year! They were able to log into the Google accounts and submit an email to their teacher. Also, they completed the form indicating they had completed Acceptable Use.

Students were presented some information on Internet Safety and Cyberbullying, as required by the state of Texas.  Students will be taught on both cyberbullying and internet safety throughout the year, as required by state law.   

All students in Grades 2-12 have access to Google Apps For Education. With their new accounts, students can collaborate on a document ins or presentations, send/receive email from their teacher, view or edit events on a calendar, and generate task lists. Work can be continued at home, as long as the student has internet connection and a Chrome browser. For more information, visit the District Pak ge for more on Google Apps for Education

Students are anxious to access their Google Accounts.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Third Grade Using Google Translator

Third Grade used Google Translator to work with students in a small group setting. Students were working on brainstorming class goals before sharing in grand discussion.