Monday, March 2, 2015

Mrs. Majeed's Class Did Various Computer Lessons

Mrs. Majeed's third grade classroom has been using Google Classroom to complete some of their work assignments. Mrs. Majeed delivers the lessons and work via Google Classroom, where students log in to their Google Accounts and find the work available to do.
They have a choice among various technology activities.
Below we have students demonstrating some of their choices for the day.
Technology in Science - using the MicroViewer and  the computer, students are able to zoom in on various rocks and minerals. They can take a pictures of the rocks and do some comparisons of various rocks and minerals. 

Students work on their Reading iStation, a computer-based program that assesses them each month and prescribes lessons accordingly. Students may also work on this at home. 

There are lots of math activities for students to select to work on. They can use Think Through Math, a program that includes a "tutor" that can assist with problems. Students just click the "Help Button" and their tutor will demonstrate how to work through the problem. 

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