Thursday, May 28, 2015

Space Photo Stories - 2nd Grade TAG

I am so impressed with the amount of effort and learning that took place in my 2nd grade TAG group! From concept to creation, these knocked my socks off!

This class dove deeper into their grade level space unit. After a class brainstorm session, each student selected a topic. From there, the kids used the elements of Depth and Complexity to form a focused research topic. We had everything from "Exploring the Stars with Your Senses" to "Living on Jupiter."

The kids conducted research using online encyclopedias in RRISD Research Resources, websites housed in Edmodo folders, and non-fiction books in the TvE Library. They found the pictures for their PhotoStory using Google Safe Image Search, Free Stock Photos, and Pixabay Free Stock Photos.

After weeks of research, the kids wrote their research papers and turned these into the narration for their PhotoStory. This group was eager to learn everything they could about Photo Story 3 for Windows. Thee final products are wonderful! Enjoy!

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