Thursday, May 11, 2017

Free Enterprising Third Graders!

Mrs. Timson's students learn about free enterprise while working at a virtual lemonade stand.  Students needed to read the daily newspaper to read the weather and what events are happening in their community that may affect their sales.

Students were adjusting their price and supply to make the most profit.

Then they would review their data to see if they made a profit or loss.  Then they were challenged to adjust their price accordingly to make the most money.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

President Reports with iPads

First Grade students engaged students with a life-size Abe Lincoln outside the door. The students were quite interested to know "How did you know that about him?"

Mrs.Maggart and Mrs.Evans told them they had researched facts about him, and they too were going to become presidential experts. Students randomly were assigned either Abe Lincoln or George Washington. Students were to record what they already knew about their assigned president and what they wanted to learn about them in their research.

Students used the provided QR codes to access resources: videos, expository texts, and Pebble Go. 

Students recorded their notes/findings on the provided graphic organizers, including a diagram and a timeline they had to put in chronological order based on their findings.

After they had completed their research, they wrote a script from their president's point of view, used a provided QR code to access a video of a directed drawing to create an illustration of their president, and then created a Chatterpix of their findings. 



Monday, January 16, 2017

Mrs. McGhee's Grade 2 Coding with Ipads

Mrs. McGhee's second graders experienced some coding apps using the Ipads. They worked on several apps to learn coding, such as Light Bot and Box Island.

Students advanced quickly through the exercises, which became more difficult as they mastered each level.

It was fun to learn that behind the games they play, there is a new language, and students were able to pick up that coding language very quickly. It was a great exercise in giving and following directions. Concentration was the key!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mrs. Smith's Second Grade Coding...

Mrs. Smith's 2nd Grade class future coders are fully engaged in these exciting coding experiences! 

They will be doing this again real soon! 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Using Padlet in Grade 3 - Next Gen Class

Mrs. Timson's Next Gen class worked on a padlet to show "I notice" and "I wonder" for various changes to land.  For example, students looked at an image of effects of an earthquake on a road that was destroyed.  Students were asked to write an "I notice... " statement and an "I wonder..." statement.

Students also answered a question through Goolge classroom that took the place of a KWL chart.  Students wrote what they know about changes to land and what they want to know about landslides, earthquakes, and volcanoes.

We also used images of Minecraft to introduce the concept of area.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The 2nd Graders in Mrs. Fernandez class learned how to code today using a website called 

Students had the opportunity to choose their level and a theme they liked (Star Wars, Moana, Angry Birds, Minecraft, etc.) and build programs to make characters perform specific tasks.

The site also had tutorials with guest speakers like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg telling students how they got started in the business of programming. We plan to visit the site again and learn how to build code for math programs

Monday, January 9, 2017

Resource Uses Nearpod

Crystal Plemons' 3rd grade math group used Nearpod through out their entire multiplication unit.  They used it to show various strategies learned, like making equal groups, creating arrays, use of a number line, etc. 

The students were highly engaged in the activities and were excited each time they were directed to go get their iPads and access the Nearpod app. 

It was great and really helped the teacher get more comfortable with creating her own activities and lessons on the app.

What is a Nearpod? "Nearpod allows teachers to construct presentations using the Nearpod website and deliver instruction to students by pushing content out to multiple devices at once. The teacher controls the presentation from a master iOS device, while students follow along on a class set of iPods or iPads."

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Using Google Slides and Using

Stephanie Stoebe and the fourth grade did a fun activity using Google Slides and the Shapes to decorate and make a unique Jack-o-lantern. Students "carved" their own pumpkin and then put in an adjective that described it. They also added a callout and wrote a message. Here are a few of the examples. Students had a great time creating and sharing out. Lots of learning on how to use the various shapes, arrows, and callouts on the toolbar. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Library Students "Make Their Mark" and Use Augmented Reality

Students in the Library took part in a school-wide celebration of "International Dot Day." Based on the Peter H. Reynolds' book, "The Dot", students were asked to design a dot to "make their mark."
Following up on this idea, the librarian and assistant , Dani Doeckel & Stephanie Sheridan, presented lessons on the iPad. 

Using an app called Quiver, they had students color special coloring sheets to decorate a dot. Then, with the App, Quiver, students scanned their dot and observed how their dot became "alive", letting the 3D augmented reality take it to a new level. 

This lesson was done by all grade levels, but here are some pictures of 3rd graders from Mrs. King's room observing their dots in motion.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Fourth Grade Flippety

Need a fast way to put students into groups? Having problems picking teams? Fourth grade teacher Mrs. Schohner has figured out a way to assign students to groups in a randomized manner. She uses with her Google Spreadsheets.

She simply downloads the Flippity.nit template, inserts the names, and lets do the rest. Easy and fast, students are assigned to their groups. 

Useful classroom tools are time savers and fun! Gives students more time to spend on their work than figuring out which group to join.

Friday, April 22, 2016

2nd Grade Students Research Animals and Make Presentations

Second grade students in Mrs. Bond's class all completed some fabulous research projects. They used two resources and Pebble Go to find the information on their animals. Teachers used Google Classroom to make their assignments and posted the template and image resource so that students were able to access their projects and Britannica ImageQuest easily. ImageQuest is one of our subscriptions to help students locate images that are within copyright rules.

They used Google Slides to present their research, using images, text, and transitions.  They learned how to use the Google tools to check their spelling and make corrections.

Here are some of the samples of their projects. Click to progress through them.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Library Book Trailers

Students in 5th grade Mrs. Stoebe's class made some Book Trailers from some of their favorite books! They then made a QR code for the trailer, set them up in the library with 2 Chromebooks to use, and students were able to come and see the Book Trailer videos for any of the books.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

4th Graders Using Tools to Learn Presentation Software

Fourth Grade Language Arts students in Mrs. Luman's class were preparing for their research by using to help them learn presentation basics. 
They completed the tutorial on, which demonstrated how to organize content and create visually appealing presentations.
They were then able to use PowerPoint or Google Slides to make their presentations, saving time and making quality products!

Students use headphones and complete the lessons.

The program is interactive, asking for student responses throughout the lesson.

Students complete the module at their own pace.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

5th Grade Enrichment Group

Once a month, students at Teravista participate in an enrichment day. These are usually the Early Release days, so students in grades K-5 are allowed to select a class to attend. One group in Fifth Grade is the Coding Group, and they meet with Mrs. Frick to complete modules on the site.

Many students had participated in the Hour of Code in December, and some continue working through more coding sites.

Students use Chromebooks to complete the various levels in Coding. Students' progress may be monitored to see how they are progressing through the modules. It is fun for the entire family! Some say it is more fun playing the games now that they understand the "code".