Wednesday, December 12, 2012

5th Grade Graphing

5th Grade math classes are using etools from our Pearson Math online textbook, to create different types of graphs that they are required to know. Students are engaged and really gaining a deeper understanding of how charts and graphs work while all the time having Fun! Fun! Fun!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Play 60 is Getting Teravista Active!

Club Play 60 is working together to plan, direct, and record workout videos for the school. The club divided themselves into small groups and recorded the videos together. These videos are played every Thursday on the school's morning announcements. We are getting Teravista active and having fun while we're doing it!!  Click the title of this post to check out one of our videos.

TAG and Technology

All TAG Math and Independent Study Classes  3-5 are actively using Edmodo. Students are synergizing on homework outside of class through discussion threads, using the "Backpack" to store all of their work, being assigned and submitting assignments via Edmodo, developing online polls, and expanding their social network to include all TAG students 3-5.

TAG 1st Grade
1st Grade TAG students have been working on the RRISD Research Resources to learn about how to conduct research. They have participate in online scavenger hunts and spent a great deal of time on Pebble Go and Worldbook Kids researching a variety of animals. Students have also utilized KidSpiration to turn their research notes into a concept map. They have learned how to save a file into their network folders and to open that same file to continue their work.

TAG 2nd Grade
Second Grade TAG students have been using Edmodo as a base of operations for everything we do in class. They use the group folder to access all research information, respond to posts about the topic of the day, and synergize on classroom assignments. 

Currently, 2nd graders are working to Blabberize their Living Museum person. They had to find an online image of the person that they studied, save the image to their network folder, upload the image to, set their "Blabber" so their photo could talk, and record their speech online.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1st Grade Research

First Grade has been studying soil and using their laptops to conduct research. They are doing a full hands on investigation to further their understanding of the soil layers and what the soil is comprised of.  They are also discussing and sharing the information with their classmates. Our students are engaged and they are retaining the information they are discovering.
Keep up the good research 1st Grade!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Real Broadcast Team!

Broadcast Crew
Our broadcast team daily writes, directs, anchors, and produces a high quality news broadcast.
Our writers are assigned specific days of the week that they are responsible for. They work hard at writing the script, gathering appropriate pictures to go along with the script.
Writer / Director

Our writers also fulfill other roles such as technical engineers, backup anchors and directors. This group of students work cohesively together like a well oiled machine! If you want to see leaders in action come by and take a look at what this crew produces every day.
Sports Caster
Writers / Engineers
From our sports caster to our sound engineer each student fulfills his or her obligations with pride, quality and joy.  I'm proud of this crew!

Lead Director


2nd Grade is Animating Research

Ms. Bailey's second grade class has been working on their Historical Figures research project. After completing their research and writing their essays they have been given the task of creating an animation, with Xtranormal, of the most important information of their research.

The students are learning the details of how to conduct research, important information about their historical figure, and decoding what information is vital to share from their research. Their animations are approximately 30 seconds and must contain only important information.

We can't wait to see some final projects! This is awesome Ms. Bailey.