Thursday, May 28, 2015

Nursery Rhyme Remix - 5th Grade TAG ELA

This project was a blast! The kids gave new life to some old Nursery Rhymes.

The 5th graders tapped into their creative sides to write backstories for their updated versions of Humpty Dumpty and The Three Little Pigs. They made Google Presentations for this portion of the project. Then, the kids filmed their productions using Flip Cams. They edited and published their final products using the Google App, WeVideo.

Humpy Dumpty Backstory
This Little Criminal Backstory

The Egg That Cracked

This Little Criminal

Space Photo Stories - 2nd Grade TAG

I am so impressed with the amount of effort and learning that took place in my 2nd grade TAG group! From concept to creation, these knocked my socks off!

This class dove deeper into their grade level space unit. After a class brainstorm session, each student selected a topic. From there, the kids used the elements of Depth and Complexity to form a focused research topic. We had everything from "Exploring the Stars with Your Senses" to "Living on Jupiter."

The kids conducted research using online encyclopedias in RRISD Research Resources, websites housed in Edmodo folders, and non-fiction books in the TvE Library. They found the pictures for their PhotoStory using Google Safe Image Search, Free Stock Photos, and Pixabay Free Stock Photos.

After weeks of research, the kids wrote their research papers and turned these into the narration for their PhotoStory. This group was eager to learn everything they could about Photo Story 3 for Windows. Thee final products are wonderful! Enjoy!

Friday, May 8, 2015

First Graders in Miss Allen's Class Made Coupon Books on Google Slides

The first graders in Miss Allen's First Grade Class made coupon books for their moms for Mother's Day. They used google slides to create coupons and then printed four per page to make it into a book for their mom. They inserted pictures of themselves and also google images.

Today I learned how to--
Taylen- print 4 slides per page
Phillip-use control v and control c to copy my slides
Quinn-insert shapes and copy them
Owen-print a PowerPoint
Berren-make a coupon book using powerpoint
Amayah-cut pictures from one page and add them to another page
Second grade students had an opportunity to share their Google slide presentations with their families at Student Led Conferences. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Simile Self-Portraits

First Grade TAG students have just finished their Simile Self-Portraits. We started our study of similes by reading My Dog is as Smelly as a Socks by Hanoch Piven. Students had to write ten similes that described themselves. Next, the kids went in search of images to snip and save that matched their self-portrait similes in Google Safe Search, Images. Once their images were saved, the kids painted their self-portraits in Microsoft Paint. Finally, they turned in their final products in Google Classroom. The final products turned out great!