Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Grade 5: Presenting Projects with Padlet!

Fifth Grade students in Mrs. Zirlott's class presented their work on a Google App called Padlet. Padlet is a web-based program that students can access using their Google accounts. They added the App from the Google Store, and began building their "wall" or report. They were able to add documents, images, and notes to their wall. Padlet also allows you to copy and paste links to videos or websites as well. If you want more information on Padlet, view this blog - Padlet Information 
What a fun way to learn!

Enjoy their Padlets!




Friday, February 14, 2014

Tablets for Leadership Day!

Students on the Teravista Leadership Team were very prepared for their speeches, but in case they needed to check their notes, they were able to do it using their Samsung Galaxy 3 tablets to access their Google Accounts. 

Students' speeches were written in their Google Drive, but in addition to those, the students had access to the entire program, with a shared presentation. They were able to keep up with the timing of the entire program perfectly, thanks to these devices.

After the program, students were using those tablets to take pictures and videos of various tours throughout the building and the debriefing sessions being held.  Students were able to upload those files to their drive, and downloaded them to the Student Broadcast Folder, where pictures were added to our announcements for the next morning. 

It was so handy to have these to use on our Leadership Day! Ebay donated them to Teravista for our student leaders to use. We are grateful!

P.S. Thanks, Mr. Greg Smith for helping Mrs. Oliver onboard them for us! We appreciate it!

Leaders LOVE technology!

Getting our speeches on Google Drive!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Tech Hero Leaders

A "Tech Hero Leader" is another leadership position at Teravista Elementary. Tech Hero Leaders are students in grades 4 and 5, who are selected by their classroom teachers for this role. They are the "go to" students when the students are learning new things, such as the Google Apps for Education. Prior to their classmates logging into their Google accounts, these students met and learned the process, so that when the class did it, they could walk around and assist. They also demonstrated how to make their folders, manage their Google Drive, and add specific Applications. Their leadership helps streamline the computer time to make it more productive.

In addition they help maintain the laptops and report problems to Mrs. Oliver. These students are very responsible and reliable. They are truly "heroes" to technology!

Students in Grade 3 will be joining the group in the Spring.