Thursday, November 10, 2011

TAG is Using Technology to...

First Grade students have used Microsoft Word to create a table and insert clip art, Microsoft Excel to make a graph from the data they collected on their table, links from my web page to explore and do research on animals, and World Book Online to compare and contrast animals.

Second Grade students have used Microsoft Excel to create a spreadsheet that categorizes famous people and add drop boxes that describe the characteristics of those people. They will be using online research resources to conduct their research on a famous person. They will also be learning how to save pictures from online sources to use when they create their final project in Photo Story.

Third Grade students are creating an electronic binder on as their independent study project portfolio. They are creating their documents for this binder using Kidspiration 3, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. They also have the option to draw and use the scanner to make an electronic copy of their work. They are learning how to export items and save items as pdf files.

Fourth Grade students have been using online resources to conduct research for their independent study project. They have created an online crossword puzzle, made graphs in Microsoft Excel, and used Microsoft Word to type up their work. They will be making a documentary in Movie Maker using a combination of footage they film on the Flip Video Cameras, photos they save from online resources, and work they created using other Microsoft programs.

Fifth Grade students are creating a blog in eduBlog. The blog is being used as their portfolio for their current independent study project. They are required to watch the video tutorials that are provided by eduBlog to enhance the overall look and function of their blog. They are adding posts to their blog as they complete the different components of their project. They are using online research resources to gather information about their subject as well as create a spreadsheet and graph that data using Microsoft Excel.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Librarian Uses Student Book Trailers for Bluebonnet Advertisements

Ami Uselman has been working with students on creating book trailers to promote Bluebonnet books. She has streamed them on the morning broadcasts as well to promote books and the use of technology.