Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2nd grade in art

The 2nd grade students from Ms Bailey's and Ms Stewart's during art class created stories after making an agriculture landscape along with a small Popsicle scarecrow puppet.  They learned about agriculture through watching a PowerPoint presentation and having a discussion about agriculture, where food comes from, etc. They placed their art background on the document camera and groups came up with stories to present to the class using their puppets. The students were able to feel comfortable speaking to the class and had a great time creating their stories using their imagination.  The document camera made the art work look great on the screen and the puppets made the whole screen look 3-D.

STAAR Science Practice

In 5th grade we are using Stemscopes and Turning Point voters to practice and review for our upcoming STAAR Science test.  This gives students a chance for immediate feedback and teachers an idea of which concepts still need work.

4th grade uses Technology To Promote Leadership

Ms. Hellyar's class is creating a Leadership book using the laptops.  Students get ideas and pictures from The Leader In Me website. Each student gets to explain the 7 habits and how they personally have used each one in their lives to become Leaders.
Students have learned to encourage others in being a Leader and recognize when each other exhibit these habits.

Second Grade Creates Creative Presentations

Our second graders have been researching a selected animal for a few weeks. The students are using online resources to find facts and images of their animal. With all of their research each student is creating a power point presentation to share with the class. This project has allowed the students to explore the research sites to become familiar with other research resources and present it in a more creative way compared to the common paper format.


Third Grade TAG Math students are using Google Earth to gather data about natural and man-made wonders to use in a graphing activity.

Using Google Earth had a huge impact on student motivation. They were eager to gather data and to learn about self-selected items. They were excited about being able to zoom in on the actual wonder that they were curious about in real time.


some kinder classes are working with Pebblego on Living and Non Living
Tuxpaint to paint and stamp living and non living or morning, afternoon, evening activities
Working on Printing files