Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Using Power Point to Focus on Reading Comprehension

Students in Mrs. Hobby's class are working on Book Reports for extra credit.  They are making PowerPoints on their own over a book of their choosing.  Some students add clip art, summaries, google images, etc.
Students are not only reading the book but they are reading the book for understanding due to the project at hand. They are having to focus on Characters, Plots and the Outcome. This PowerPoint project has pushed the students to a new level of  reading with comprehension.

5th Grade Science

5th graders are researching animal adaptations and creating a poster to share with the class.  They are also using Glogster to create interactive teaching posters for others to learn from.
This project has insured that the students have a deeper understanding of the Science TEKS in this unit. The students were also able to create a product that other students can learn from.

3rd Grade Media Literacy

In third grade, the students will be studying media literacy in Language Arts.  They will be creating a travel brochure on a landform they would like to visit using  Students will have to use pictures and design a "glog" that will persuade readers to visit their landform.  This project integrates technology, persuasive texts, advertising, art, science, and literature.
Update: This project was a huge SUCCESS! The students were engaged and we were able to insure the learning of multiple core TEKS in this one project.

5th Grade Biographies

Students are researching different famous people using various search engines.  They are creating a report and timeline using different media such as PowerPoint, Word, and Publisher.

TAG Update

4th Grade students are filming a documentary using the Flip Cameras and creating a Movie Maker movie.

5th Grade Math students are using the TI-73 and TI-83 graphing calculators and learning about various functions of each calculator. One limitation to using the graphing calculators is that I don't have enough of either type for each student to have one at the same time. Although they are both graphing calculators, they do not function in exactly the same way.

Second Grade

Second grade is making Book Trailers using Animotos. They will be persuading other students to check out their favorite library books.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mrs. Santiago has been busy...

Here is how Mrs. Santiago has been using technology in her classroom. Way to go~
  • Students are using Word to publish their stories helping to insure that they are meeting their writing TEKS.
  • Students are using to learn more about rocks, soil, landforms and minerals. This learning tool has increased understanding to a new level.
  • Students are using Bookflix to listen to fiction and nonfiction books increasing their reading comprehension.
  • Students are using Tumblebooks to listen to various literature exposing them to new reading materials that may peak their interests. This also meets our TEKS by exposing them to various literature.
  • Students use the document camera to show their work to the rest of the class insuring that they know the materials that they have been taught.
  • Students use the listening stations to listen to various literature. This insures that we are meeting the needs of various learning styles of our diverse learning population.
  • Students are accessing Kidspiration to make various webs and create stories of their own increasing their understanding of the writing process.
  • Students watch various clips and videos about math, inventors, famous Americans, science, etc. on KLRU. This digital tool has helped to solidify the understanding of the concepts being taught.