Monday, March 28, 2016

Library Book Trailers

Students in 5th grade Mrs. Stoebe's class made some Book Trailers from some of their favorite books! They then made a QR code for the trailer, set them up in the library with 2 Chromebooks to use, and students were able to come and see the Book Trailer videos for any of the books.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

4th Graders Using Tools to Learn Presentation Software

Fourth Grade Language Arts students in Mrs. Luman's class were preparing for their research by using to help them learn presentation basics. 
They completed the tutorial on, which demonstrated how to organize content and create visually appealing presentations.
They were then able to use PowerPoint or Google Slides to make their presentations, saving time and making quality products!

Students use headphones and complete the lessons.

The program is interactive, asking for student responses throughout the lesson.

Students complete the module at their own pace.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

5th Grade Enrichment Group

Once a month, students at Teravista participate in an enrichment day. These are usually the Early Release days, so students in grades K-5 are allowed to select a class to attend. One group in Fifth Grade is the Coding Group, and they meet with Mrs. Frick to complete modules on the site.

Many students had participated in the Hour of Code in December, and some continue working through more coding sites.

Students use Chromebooks to complete the various levels in Coding. Students' progress may be monitored to see how they are progressing through the modules. It is fun for the entire family! Some say it is more fun playing the games now that they understand the "code".