Thursday, October 4, 2012

5th Grade Using Digital Thermometers

Our 5th grade students are just learning about Science of temperature, but they are learning to use modern day digital tools like our Digital Thermometers. Our students are being prepared for the modern medical and science fields as they learn to use these digital tools in real world situations.

These students are able to take these thermal readings to chart their findings and compare the outcome to their theories. You should hear their excitement as many of them are surprised by their findings! This was a wonderful activity, 5th Grade Science Team!

First Grade Letter Sound Mastery

1st Grade Mastering Their Letter Sounds
After conducting small group assessments with students, the First Grade Teachers are able to focus students attention to particular letters and sounds that they are struggling with. Ms. Allen was able to engage her students with interactive activities that had students repeating sounds, discovering words and mastering their skills.
This was awesome to see, Ms. Allen!