Wednesday, March 1, 2017

President Reports with iPads

First Grade students engaged students with a life-size Abe Lincoln outside the door. The students were quite interested to know "How did you know that about him?"

Mrs.Maggart and Mrs.Evans told them they had researched facts about him, and they too were going to become presidential experts. Students randomly were assigned either Abe Lincoln or George Washington. Students were to record what they already knew about their assigned president and what they wanted to learn about them in their research.

Students used the provided QR codes to access resources: videos, expository texts, and Pebble Go. 

Students recorded their notes/findings on the provided graphic organizers, including a diagram and a timeline they had to put in chronological order based on their findings.

After they had completed their research, they wrote a script from their president's point of view, used a provided QR code to access a video of a directed drawing to create an illustration of their president, and then created a Chatterpix of their findings.