Thursday, October 31, 2013

First Grade Logs In!

The first grade classes are working on mastering logging into the computers all by themselves. The students are working on becoming more proficient at logging in and getting to age appropriate websites.

The goal for the students is to become more independent at this task. We have played games to practice getting our username and passwords memorized. The students are beginning to work on

Monday, October 28, 2013

Time in Second Grade

In second grade,  students in Mrs. Misplay's class are learning to tell time on analog clocks. 
The teacher displays a clock and the student is handed the mouse,  to select the correct hour and minute hand. 

Time flies when you're telling time - in this fun way!

Broadast News Leaders

Our morning broadcast is a collaborative project between the librarian (Mrs. Uselman) and ITS (Anita Oliver) for the entire school year.  The broadcast Leadership Team is an advanced leadership position on our campus. We have 2 different groups - A and B, and they rotate all the jobs that are needed for our news production.
Since this is an ongoing program, we created a website just for it. Please visit our Broadcast Site for more information about the duties. 

Broadcast Leadership Website

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kindergarten Students Get Excited About!

The students in Ms. Stewart's kindergarten class love getting to try new things. On Friday, they were introduced to Easy Tech, or These spectacular students were able to log on to their netbooks using their unique user name and supply their password. That in itself was a major accomplishment! This involves both patience and perseverance.

Students explored the Teravista website and discovered the Student Resources. With much practice in scrolling and clicking, the students were able to navigate their way to

Please watch the Kindergarten Photostory!

The first lesson was an interactive lesson on the mouse. Students learned how to click, double click, and click and drag an object. This was all done with the touch pad on the computer. It not only involved concentration, but great skill and coordination. In addition, they practiced locating letters on the keyboard. They were a huge success!