Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tech Hero to Tech Hero Hangout

Tech Heroes from Teravista view the live feed from Callison Elementary

Fourth Grade Tech Heroes met in Mrs. Oliver's office for a Google Hangout with the Tech Heroes from Callison Elementary. 

The groups both answered a list of questions,  from what they like most about being a tech hero to what career choice they may have.

Students were shown how to set up a webcam, check for what is needed for a hangout, and how to participate in a Google Hangout. Although the student accounts for GAFE do not include the Hangout, this experience will help them in their classroom when their teacher does a Hangout. 

Tech Heroes help troubleshoot or report computer problems to Mrs. Oliver, maintain the laptops, and learn new applications.
Students were able to see and talk to students at Callison Elementary.