Wednesday, January 25, 2012

TAG Math Technology Update

All TAG Math classes are going green(er)!

Technology Additions:

All homework is now online. Students connect to Khan's Academy academic video links and watch educational videos about a math review skill. After watching their designated video, they do a self-selected, interactive math practice to go over that skill. Parents initial agendas to show completion. The week ends with the students submitting a word problem that they have written and solved that has the potential to be used on the weekly quiz.

Weekly quizzes are created through Google Docs using a Google Form. The link to the grade level test is posted to my webiste. Students take the test online and the results are sent instantly to the spreadsheet that accompanies the form. Students are still required to show all of their work, but they can do this on the back of a previously used paper, math journal, etc.

Pros to Addions:

Students love the change to the homework. Since this change has been implemented, I have only one student that is not turing in his homwork consistently. Now, students are turing in their work on time or early. The friendly competition and the 10% bonus awarded to those that have their question used has driven the students to write high quality and challenging questions. They love the recognition and the fact that they have one fewer question to answer on the quiz. Having the homework/quizzes posted allows students that are absent to easily catch up.

Homework and grading the quiz has become extremely manageable for me and the students. Students always have access to former homework assignments and old quizzes to go back and review or study as needed.

Cons to the Additions:

Technology resources can be difficult to come by at times. As my TAG classes grow, this will become an issue and using the computer to take quizzes might not be a time-friendly option.

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